Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) has been running for six years.  How can we encourage Deaf students to enrol?  The number of Deaf students enrolling has decreased (less).



04/25/2008 02:05

I would suggest a evening course - from the survey about Deaf employment - most of them can't or won't give their jobs - their security..

04/26/2008 13:32

I remember about four or five years ago the IDWG invited Deaf CDS students gave talks about their experinces and explained what it was like to study etc. I believe their talks made some Deaf go to the CDS. Maybe next Autumn or Winter, the IDWG to organise to ask ex-CDS students to give talks one evening. Hopefully it will increase Deaf to enroll the CDS. It's really worth a try.

Catherine Anne
04/29/2008 11:22

I see the number of deaf people get down enrolling at the CDS. That might be caused of too expensive to pay fees? Best thing to give them more flexible time (stretching in a bit longer time more than two years?...)at their study without any too much stress. It may help and encourage more deaf people to enrol. Good luck.

06/11/2008 08:37

I totally agree with Elaine's point there


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